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Jul 16

Welcome to NeRV Event

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Protecting the environment

The UK is on an accelerated pathway to reduce emissions across our entire society, from industry to transport, and, how we generate our power and heat our homes.

To meet the 2050 Net Zero challenge, the country to decarbonise an average of 20,000 properties each week for the next 20 to 25 years.

This includes improving the energy and water efficiency of our households, and exploring retrofit technologiescontrols and appliances, as well as building fabric itself.


At NGN, we have responded to these challenges by building research and demonstration centre NeRV (Net Zero Research Village) at our Low Thornley site near Gateshead.

It’s the UK’s first combined whole systems research, development and demonstration facility, covering gas, electricity and water.

By providing a space for collaborative innovative research and testing, NERV will optimise low carbon, least cost decarbonisation solutions for UK households.


At the heart of NeRV is Futures Close; nine homes built to represent five different construction eras.

It includes:

  • Three 1910s terraces
  • Two 1930s semi-detached houses
  • A 1950s bungalow
  • Two 1970s flats
  • A 1990s detached home


The street is a highly instrumented innovation and test environment, with each home containing sensors capturing metrics such as temperature, humidity, gas, water and electricity consumption, to generate data that can shape and inform future decarbonisation strategies for UK housing stock.

It provides a perfect testbed for retrofit net zero technology, to understand the challenges involved at scale and in real time, while delivering data-driven answers on the energy solutions best suited to different types of home.


We know NeRV has the potential to provide the solutions to many of the domestic decarbonisation challenges North East stakeholders such as yourself are facing.

We now want to open the doors to you, for a special Welcome to NeRV event on Tuesday 16th July, to meet our team, visit the homes, and talk to us about how you think NeRV can best support you, and the projects that it should be prioritising.


The event will take place between 10am and 12.30pm, with a buffet lunch to follow.

Brief agenda

  • Welcome
  • Tour of Futures Close
  • Discussion and Q&A
  • Lunch and networking

Who's it for?

  • Stakeholders
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