13th October 2022


Biomethane Investors


37 delegates


The purpose of this workshop was to understand future plans of biomethane investors for investing and delivering biomethane into the Gas Network to help shape our strategy to support connections into the network and provide opportunity for investors to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Your comments & our responses


attendees want us to ensure biomethane plays a role in the energy transition.

Green Gas Support Scheme

You were supportive of the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS), explaining that it shows biomethane does have a role within gas networks, but said that it’s really important for investors to understand what comes next when the GGSS ends in 2025. It was clear there was a willingness to engage with BEIS over the coming months to help feed into future schemes.

We recognise the importance of the GGSS and that detailed thinking needs to be fed into the mid scheme consultation for this. We will arrange a follow up discussion with the gas networks, investors and BEIS in the New Year to help support ongoing thinking. We plan to have the next ‘Investor Day’ around April 2023 which will align to the midterm review of the Green Gas Support Day consultation to explore this challenge in more detail.

Biomethane Barriers

You highlighted a few barriers to us, but there were some common themes around propane, network capacity and feedstock supply.

We will work with you through the subsequent Entry Customer Forum’s to prioritise the areas that are important to progress and look at the practicalities of addressing these issues to improve connections and remove barriers.

Biomethane Barriers

It was clear that you feel hydrogen poses an opportunity for the biomethane industry and investors rather than a risk. You expressed a clear desire for the Government to make a decision on hydrogen blending soon.

We recognise the complicated and interdependent relationship between hydrogen and biomethane and are also keen for a policy decision around hydrogen blending to be made. We are working alongside the other networks to provide the government with the information it needs to make that policy decision and will subsequently be able to support our biomethane community to develop clear delivery plans.

What more can we do?

You said that in order to help, we should support legislative change, reverse compression and help alleviate capacity issues.

We will continue to engage with you via the Entry Customer Forum and the relevant UNC Modification workgroups to allow us to utilise your feedback, in order to shape our strategic direction and future focus.

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