Future-proofing our workforce

We’ve improved conversations with our workforce, through regular get-togethers to discuss hot topics, and an accessible senior management team that gets out and about across the network.

We have a unique relationship with our contractors. We use local engineering firms to deliver all our mains replacement work, as we find their local knowledge and pride in the job benefits everyone. We’ve recently renegotiated new eight-year contracts with these companies, underlying our commitment to these partnerships.

We also remain committed to graduate and apprentice schemes, giving young jobseekers a flying start while future-proofing our business.

Education and training

We’re committed to developing young people’s skills, to improve their employment prospects and to help make our region more prosperous.

Working with a range of trusted partners, we aim to support and inspire up to 20,000 young and vulnerable people each year, from primary school children to young jobseekers.

We also work with partner organisations to promote key safety messages, such as the dangers of playing near work sites.

Are we measuring up to your expectations? What can we do to keep your costs down?

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Tell us what you think.

We’re always looking for feedback to help improve our service. As a valued stakeholder it’s essential that we understand your priorities and hear what you think of our current performance and services, as well as our future plans. If you have feedback on our plans for 2021 – 2026 that you would like to share, good or bad, we’d love to hear from you.

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What we've learned so far


Should we promote low carbon alternatives to a gas connection (like heat pumps) when talking to customers experiencing fuel poverty?

50% Yes
50% No

In addition to Carbon Monoxide awareness, which of the below would be most beneficial for our teams to provide advice or referrals on?

50% Energy efficiency
50% Safeguarding

During a major loss of supply or gas emergency, should NGN provide its incidents support package, including heaters, hot food, showering facilities and alternative accommodation to all NGN customers or just those customers registered on the Priority Services Register (PSR)?

57% All customers
43% Customers on the PSR

Does our target of getting to 97% of gas escapes (where the supply can’t be turned off at the meter) within 1 hour meet your expectations?

73% Yes
20% No, I expect it to be higher
7% No, I expect it to be lower

attended our Communities workshop in March, bringing together the voices of those already actively engaged in the provision of support services to customers in vulnerable circumstances across wide ranging industry sectors.

Our Community Promises

Read about our promises to the communities that we serve.


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