22nd November


charity, 3rd sector agencies, community, faith and local interest groups, consumer groups health and service providers local government


20 delegates


To feedback what we’ve been working on since we last met and how your feedback is shaping our plans and direction around Winter readiness and CO.

Specifically, we wanted to discuss our Priority Services Register strategy with our social partners, explain our current performance around PSR registrations and customer satisfaction, as well as giving an overview of PSR annual research.

We wanted to share our PSR Customer Journey and the innovation projects supporting Customers In Vulnerable Situations, alongside our future strategy and focus to discuss what else our partners felt we should be doing, what else should influence our strategy and identify any emerging risks and issues we ought to consider.

Your comments & our responses

Communication is key

You told us that communication with third parties of vulnerable customers is key, especially those with dementia and mental health struggles as its often relatives who will be responsible for progressing PSR and paperwork rather than the vulnerable customer themselves.

We are drafting a ‘Dealing with Third Party Responsibility’ policy; and have recently been awarded ISO 22458 kitemark which incorporates this policy for vulnerable customers.

The care network

You asked us what we can do to make sure the care network is made aware of PSR.

We have recently launched ‘The Carents Room’ project which provides support to unpaid carers via an online platform and will also raise awareness of PSR and CO. We are also exploring opportunities with Carers UK as part of our customer vulnerability working group.

Digital Exclusion

You said that we must consider customers who are digitally excluded, and therefore unable to access PSR information online.

We are working on a collaborative VCMA project with Parsley Box for messaging to non digital customers. We also support with the National Citizens Advice project which offers face to face support, and this will be extended through GD2. We have Groundwork Green Doctors offering in home visits, as well as Age UK North Tyneside, who can also offer face to face support.

Easy Access

You said that PSR information needs to be easily accessible on our website.

We agree and although we are compliant with the kitemark/standard under ISO 22458. BSI standard states a customer must be able to access vulnerability pages on a website within 3 clicks, we are constantly looking for new ways to make PSR more accessible to customers.