15th July 2023






We wanted to use this session to give the panel an opportunity to discuss each of the People and Planet commitments, and to give their views on the merits and challenges of each, as well as voting for to create a priority order. We also wanted to look at NGN’s Carbon reduction targets and identify how customers think that NGN can hold themselves accountable to these targets.

Your comments & our responses

Prioritising Commitments

You said that the planet and environmental commitments should be prioritised for delivery over people focused ones.

We will deliver all our commitments but are looking at how we allocate resource over the next five years in line with this feedback.

Specific Commitments

You told us that it should be an industry standard to adapt to climate change, and therefore doesn’t need to be a commitment.

We will be removing this commitment from our People and Planet Strategy when we launch the new version shortly.

Carbon Reduction Targets

You told us that you value accountability in our performance but also had a degree of negativity about offsetting and compensation payments if it detracts away from improvements.

We are now talking toOfgem about what future regulatory controls  look like around all carbon reduction targets and have used this to support our  conversations.

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