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Our dedicated Stakeholder Panel is representative of our stakeholders and helps to shape key initiatives and strategies.

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Keeping costs down

Make it easier for customers to see the gas distribution networks contribution to the average customer bill.

We led the UK gas distribution networks to develop a new way of reporting network costs to customers. This will help customers to understand the value of the services provided.

Delivering a reliable and safe service whilst mitigating the impact of works

Work collaboratively to support a smooth roll out of smart meters, sharing expertise and mitigating the impact on customers.

Delivered tailored meetings with suppliers to discuss opportunities to align their roll out and our replacement plans, support the end-to-end journey and identify risks with hand-offs between multiple organisations, joint training sessions for our front line engineers and installers, a common set of targets with installers such as numbers and reasons for aborted visits.

Delivering excellent customer experience

Give more direct focus to customer health and wellbeing  outcomes when working with customers day-to-day, and planning new services.

Finalised a new dedicated vulnerability strategy which describes our areas of focus.  It also helps to prioritse what we are doing and raise the profile.  We also mapped GP data against our network plans to help inform our fuel poverty work.

Community involvement and social responsibility

Partner with those best placed to support customers, where NGN’s support adds value.

Created an annual £50,000 Community Promises Fund, which offers grants to grass routes organisations working with vulnerable / hard to reach customers. 11 projects were delivered.  Held two Community Promises workshops where we provided training, funding advice and helped attendees build a support network.

Gearing up for the future

Develop energy futures projects that are tangible, and bring the theory to life.

Demonstrating feasibility and affordability is integral to our energy futures strategy.  We teamed up with partners to launch a new Energy Futures research facility at Low Thornley near Newcastle.  This will help stakeholders to understand the range of energy futures solutions available and how they might work together.