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Innovation, skills, future energy (sustainability) and stakeholder (including community) engagement are important to Northern Gas Networks as is diversity, both in its workforce and wider network.  Through our youth panel, Northern Gas Networks will bring a wider range of voices and perspectives into  decision making and hold meaningful engagement with key stakeholders and future customers.

The Young Innovators Council has met the expectations of Northern Gas Networks and has had a valuable impact on several strategies including the education and skills and sustainability strategy.

Read our annual report to find out more about our first year together.

Our questions & their responses


of panel members felt their ideas were listened to


new strategies developed

Does the Young Innovators Council give real value?

“Northern Gas Networks gave us young people a voice and a chance to start changing and mitigating towards our planet and it was honestly an amazing and extremely proud moment.”

Does the Young Innovators Council give real value to the young people taking part?

“The whole process was positive. From being able to debate and hold conversations with other young people from around the UK to being able to make an impact and have our voice heard by Northern Gas Networks.”

“I always come away from the sessions with new information and topics I wasn’t previously aware of. Really feels as if we are part of the projects.”

How has the YIC helped inform Northern Gas Networks’ decision making this year?

“The number of fresh ideas was definitely a big benefit. There was so much creativity in the sessions,  it gave us a large number of ideas to work with that we had never thought of before.”


“My expectations were to have a session with a well engaged and challenging group of young people – for me that is exactly what happened.”

What value has the YIC brought to Northern Gas Networks this year?

“I didn’t expect the Council members to be as well informed about Northern Gas Networks and our operations as they were. This often led to some pretty difficult questions, sometimes of a technical nature.  All of which is a good thing.”

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