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2022 was the second year of the YIC and covered a broad range of topics from innovation and customer safety through to customer messaging around Hydrogen, inclusion and belonging and support for vulnerable customers. The input from the council this year has provided a real opportunity for our future customers to influence our decision-making and has had a valuable impact on a number of strategies and projects including NGN’s social strategy and its People and Planet commitments.

Your comments & our responses


of panel members felt their ideas were listened to

How has the YIC helped inform Northern Gas Networks’ decision making?

The YIC knows how to keep us on our toes with our visions and ambitions. Their breath of fresh air honesty gives us a lot to think about when it comes to how we handle business today.


felt they’ve had an influence on NGNs business decisions and strategies

What value has the YIC brought NGN this year?

“They come up with so many ideas and solutions to the challenges that our business face, that we never would have thought of without them. The council have such an amazing ability to sit back, put things in perspective and come up with real solutions.”


strategies adapted and updated to reflect current socioeconomic needs

Does the YIC give real value to the young people taking part?

The majority felt that their teamwork, critical thinking skills and adaptability had greatly improved, and that their knowledge of STEM, leadership and confidence had somewhat improved. These skills, combined with the use of the YIC as evidence for UCAS applications and the influence that the YIC has had on their educational choices, has been a significant added value this year to the YIC members


innovation funding secured for CO safety app


internal processes changed

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