28th June 2023


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We wanted to understand what the YIC expect to see from an education session about net zero, and to identify the benefits of this programme being delivered by someone from industry. We then wanted to begin to understand how the National Energy Research Village (NERV) and Hydrogen Home can be used effectively as part of this programme.

Your comments & our responses


of the Young Innovators said they do not learn about Net Zero at school.


We should design a programme of activities for each age group that builds on the previous stage’s learning and progresses knowledge and skills.

We’ve developed a range of resources  across primary, secondary, post-16 that can be delivered by NGN or by teachers.


You said that gamification will help young people to understand and attempt to engage those around them.

We have developed a range  of new resources based around games and challenges  including a carbon footprint calculator and showing how their footprint can be reduced and setting challenges.


You said that content needed to include practical activities and demonstrations as well as basic messaging around What is net zero, why it is important, how young people can make a difference.

We have taken all of the comments on board and have built in a long list of options to create a range of resources such as quizzes, board games, energy trumps and many more!

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