27th March 2024


Future Customers and bill payers




During this session, we wanted the YIC to begin to understand the concept of energy decarbonisation in communities, establish what the YIC imagine a decarbonised energy community to look like and to identify what a just transition might include: for example who should pay what, and when.

Your questions & our responses

Policy Decisions

You asked us which scenario NGN think is most likely.

We are currently agnostic of the scenario, and do not have a view on which scenario is most likely. These will be guided by government energy policy decisions.

Financial Impact

You asked if moving homes onto hydrogen and electricity as their primary sources have a financial impact on communities.

We explained that large scale changes tend to have some sort of financial implication. It is unclear how big or small this impact will be, at this current stage. Government energy policy decisions will provide more information.

Hydrogen Networks

You wanted to know if a hydrogen-based network be reliant on changes within homes and businesses?

We would need to upgrade appliances in homes. This is something that has been produced now but is not yet readily available to buy. The transition should be made easier with hydrogen ready appliances when they are available.


of attendees said that they would choose fuel of the future if they had to choose one of the 5 scenarios for NGN to focus on in the next few years. This was followed by 28% hybrid deployment, 4% targeted deployment and 4% death of domestic gas.

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