21st January 2023






We wanted to use this session to identify which areas and ideas customers think are important and meaningful for us to deliver from RIIO-2 that Ofgem didn’t accept. We wanted to understand which our customers think we should continue to monitor, and which customers’ prioritise of all outputs, as well as highlighting any alternative measurements for customer targets and standards to inform how we view the next iteration of our annual strategic plan for outputs. This will all help to inform our thinking around the next stages of RIIO3. 

Your comments & our responses

Important Priority Areas

You said that targets relating to vulnerable customers were of high importance, followed by  performance standards relating to gas escapes and safety​. Connections targets for commercial customers , quotations for new connections and quick reinstatement were ranked of less importance.

We’re using this insight to inform an internal review of areas to focus on and those service standards that we should stop monitoring for this next reg year.

Important Priority Areas

You told us that a number of themes emerged that were driving considerations of importance around customer service. These included:​

  • Vulnerability ​
  • Flexibility
  • Climate change and global warming 
  • Timeframes and quality of service 

We are using these to form the basis of future engagement around customer service for our next business planning period.

Important Priority Areas

You told us that outputs need to flex or particularly vary by location and other factors such as weather.

We are now going to undertake further engagement on this.

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