As a company based in the heart of the region, we are uniquely privileged and have a responsibility to be a positive influence on the communities that we operate in and enhance customers’ lives.

That’s why our future business plan for 2021 – 2026 and beyond has been co-created with our customers and stakeholders. Over 25,000 of them, supported by hundreds of conversations every single day. You can read about what they’ve been telling us here.

Our plan is centred around seven key promises designed to deliver the outcomes that matter most to our customers.

It’s our most ambitious plan to date and is built on our bold and imaginative service delivery and our consistently strong performance since 2005.

Below are the promises we are making to our customers of what we will deliver between 2021-2026. These are based on the areas that our customers have told us are most important to them. Find out more and have your say below.

Let's talk

Now we’d like to know what you think about our future business plan; how acceptable and affordable you think it is and if you trust us to deliver. Your insights will inform what we will deliver for our customers over the next five years, so please take the time to let us know what you think.

Find out more about our future business plan from 2021 – 2026 and take our online survey.


How we’re consulting customers about our business plan

We’ve been speaking to customers face-to-face to understand their views of our plans in detail:


• We ran three two-stage deliberative workshops with a wide range of customers throughout the North of England supported by a number of in-home discussions with customers in vulnerable situations
•We ran three in-depth discussion groups with a wide range of customers throughout the North of England
• Customers had the opportunity to explore the plan in detail: what we are promising to deliver and what it would mean for future service and bills
• We then asked customers to tell us how acceptable and affordable they found the plan
• We also asked them about their preferences for how any changes to gas charges are reflected in their bills.

We then used this feedback to make some adjustments to our plan. Now we’re asking over 1,100 customers across our region what they think

• We’re carrying out surveys with 1,000 household and 100 business customers to measure their response to our plan
• We’re consulting a wide range of customer types, including those facing difficult circumstances
• We’re talking to customers online, on the phone and in their homes
• We’re gathering the views of our national and local stakeholders – organisations and businesses with an interest in what we do

Find out more about our future business plan from 2021 – 2026 and take our online survey.

How we’re using the feedback

We’ll be using your feedback to continue to help shape our future plan to ensure that we deliver the outcomes that matter most to you.

We’ll be submitting our final plan to the energy regulator, Ofgem, in December 2019, following rigorous reviews and challenge from our independent Customer Engagement Panel (CEG) and Ofgem’s independent consumer challenge panel.

Ofgem will assess our final business plan in 2020, and we’ll share our future plan and their assessment of it here.

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What we've learned so far


Should we promote low carbon alternatives to a gas connection (like heat pumps) when talking to customers experiencing fuel poverty?

50% Yes
50% No

In addition to Carbon Monoxide awareness, which of the below would be most beneficial for our teams to provide advice or referrals on?

50% Energy efficiency
50% Safeguarding

During a major loss of supply or gas emergency, should NGN provide its incidents support package, including heaters, hot food, showering facilities and alternative accommodation to all NGN customers or just those customers registered on the Priority Services Register (PSR)?

57% All customers
43% Customers on the PSR

Does our target of getting to 97% of gas escapes (where the supply can’t be turned off at the meter) within 1 hour meet your expectations?

73% Yes
20% No, I expect it to be higher
7% No, I expect it to be lower

attended our Innovation workshop in March, a sell-out event.  The session brought together a broad cross section of national, local, customer and wider workforce representatives which helped to create a productive platform for debate and robust challenge on our plans.

At our Innovation workshop

stakeholders praised our engineer-led innovation but recognised a top-down approach is needed for major innovation projects such as the role of gas as part of a low carbon future.

Useful documents

Our Innovation Report

Read our annual Network Innovation Allowance summary to find out how we’re investing in clever solutions to make lives easier for customers throughout our network.


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