17th February 2024


Future Customers and bill payers




We wanted to ensure that YIC members understand and are familiar with the basic role of NGN: distributing gas to people’s homes. It was vital that all members were able to get to know one another and to agree a set of common guidelines for the council in conversation. We also wanted to use the session to host discussions about NGN and some of their environmental responsibilities.

Your comments & our responses

Communicating clearly

You said that the best way to communicate environmental data, is through real life examples due to it being easily understood and relatable to all audiences.

We will include relatable, real world examples in our environmental reporting moving forward to help our stakeholders visualise the data.

Compensating the environment

You said that the most responsible thing for NGN to do when missing carbon targets, is to keep the targets to maintain accountability, but to look at alternate ways to benefit the environment.

We will review the possibility of developing innovative ways to compensate the environment if we miss an element of our carbon reduction targets as an alternative to traditional offsetting schemes.


of the YIC felt that real world examples help to build understanding around carbon emissions.

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