15th February 2023


Future Customers and bill payers




2023 marks the third consecutive year of Northern Gas Networks’ Young Innovators Council
(YIC). The YIC continues to be the voice of young people at Northern Gas Networks (NGN). It
provides young people’s perspectives and Northern Gas Networks ensures these young
peoples’ thoughts and opinions are put at the heart of the business’ decision making. In this session, we wanted to begin to understand how to make NGN an attractive organisation to work at for future generations, and to discuss this attractiveness, along with perceptions of branding, job adverts, roles, reputations, etc. at NGN and within the gas industry and the wider energy industry.

Your comments & our responses


of the YIC said that career progression is the most important thing when looking for a job. This was closely followed by a competitive salary, and then a good pension.

What you want in a job

You said salary, career progression and pension were the most important things in looking for a job.

So we have planned to include more around development and our pension offering on our careers page and in job adverts.

What you want in a job

You said reputation matters – you would look to family and friends, as well as online reviews about companies from employees.

We are now looking at how we can incorporate online review sites into our recruitment process.

Perceptions of jobs

Your key thoughts on NGN and the gas industry were Innovative, changing, hydrogen, flexible and welcoming.

We will now focus on using these terms and aspects in our recruitment campaigns.

Attracting future colleagues

You said that we need to make opportunities for school leavers more visible, highlight the wider benefits and make roles easy to apply for.

We are now creating a dedicated section on our new careers page with opportunities for school leavers.

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