December 2022


Domestic and Business Customers




We want to gain an understanding of customer attitudes and preferences, and how they may have been influenced by the extensive societal change experienced since 2021. It was important we understood their priority areas to help shape our current work programmes and begin to inform our thinking for our next business plan period, RIIO-3.

To help inform and provide an evidence base for future business planning, we undertake this research annually, to assess how customer views change over time.



of customers support the use of hydrogen if it has lower environmental impacts

Keeping bills as low as possible

continues to be customers’ top priority, closely followed by providing a reliable and a safe service



customers feel it is important for NGN to reduce recruitment barriers for the long term unemployed

9 in 10

customers told us that they were concerned about the amount of money they spend on energy bills

Affordable energy solutions

is seen as our most important sustainability commitment, closely followed by delivering a resilient infrastructure



of customers said that financial hardship was the dimension of vulnerability with the highest priority, then followed by physical challenges and mental well being



want to have a say in the decision about the type of heating systems available in their area with over 2/3’s saying the final decision about the type of heating systems available in their area should be made at a local level

The cost of hydrogen

was the most important thing for customers to know, with over half prioritising the cost of use and installation, over safety and environmental effects


of domestic customers are more worried about the energy they are using now then last year

Waste reduction and recycling performance

is what customers were most interested in hearing more about. This was closely followed by actions to promote low carbon energy

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