April 2024


Customers and Stakeholders




As an addition to this years Customer Perceptions Research, we wanted to conduct a range of stakeholder focus groups in order to capture a wide range of perspectives from different participant groups, including current household customers, non-household customers, digitally excluded individuals, and key stakeholders.  

It is important that we understand their key priority areas, thoughts and challenges in order to help shape our current work programmes and to continue to inform our thinking for our next business plan period, RIIO-3.



The Customer Bill

Most participants were surprised that NGN’s services came out of their own bill, and a few participants believed that NGN should be getting a bigger share of the bill.

However, the stakeholders who thought that NGN should be getting more from the bill were not willing to pay more.

Customer Priorities

The cost of energy dominated every discussion, and for most participants any other priority was peripheral. Safety and reliability of gas supply are also seen as core priorities for NGN, as well as providing support for those in need. Fuel poverty was a concern among all customer segment groups.

Preferred communication channels

In order to report a gas leak, customers said that they would prefer to contact NGN by phone for reassurance and information. They emphasised the importance of providing communication options to cater to different needs, such as those with disabilities or language barriers.

Energy efficiency and energy futures

Awareness of net-zero targets was mixed throughout, with many participants expressing skepticism about the feasibility of achieving these goals due to lack of infrastructure and high costs.

Regarding energy transition campaigns and educational support, the only support that customers care about is financial. Transitioning to an alternative energy source was considered financially unviable by nearly every participant.

Service standards and interruptions

Participants generally found the current standards and service interruption policies acceptable, emphasising the importance of swift restoration of gas supply. They did highlight their expectation of prioritisation and quicker response times for vulnerable customers and those on the Priority Services Register (PSR).

Support and service needs

Participants suggest that NGN could work with local organisations, community groups, and job centres to reach out to vulnerable and underreached customers. Many customers admitted to using less gas than they previously did, as they’ve swapped using the oven for an air fryer.

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