December 2023


Domestic and Business Customers




We wanted to gain an understanding of customer attitudes and preferences, and how they may have been influenced by the extensive societal change experienced since 2021. It is important that we understand key priority areas, in order to help shape our current work programmes and to continue to inform our thinking for our next business plan period, RIIO-3.

To help inform and provide an evidence base for future business planning, we undertake this research annually, to assess how customer views change over time.




of customers were aware of NGN. This figure has grown from the 62% in 2022, and 67% in 2023.

Keeping bills as low as possible

continues to be customers’ top priority, closely followed by providing a reliable supply of gas, and a safe service.



of customers had an awareness of hydrogen, which had remained stable since 2022.

3 in 5

customers told us that they now self ration, and choose to use less energy. This is followed by 20% of customers reporting that they use energy at cheaper times of the day.

Affordable energy solutions

remained the most important sustainability commitment, and was still closely followed by delivering a resilient infrastructure. There was also slightly more focus around eliminating emissions and net zero this year.



of customers said that medically dependent on energy was the dimension of vulnerability with the highest priority, then followed by financial hardship and physical challenges.



agreed that they should have a say in the decision about the type of heating systems available in their area with 69% saying the final decision about the type of heating systems available in their area should be made at a local level.

The upfront cost of new appliances and installation

was the most important aspects of a new heating system, then followed by cost of installation and running costs, as well as day to day costs.

Waste reduction and recycling performance

were topics that customers were most interested in communicating more about. This was closely followed by actions to promote low carbon energy.

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