14th March


Utilities, Infrastructure Providers, Consumer Groups, Think Tanks & Research Groups, Sub-Regional and Local Government, Health & Emergency Services Providers, Gas Suppliers, Supply Chain




To review our approach to the future role of gas, informed by our stakeholder’s views, develop our approach to the hydrogen transition from 2021 – 2026 and consider our role in the context of a whole systems approach.


9.2 / 10

Our stakeholders scored us 9.2 out of 10 for overall satisfaction when asked to rate the workshop.

You told us that we have an important role to play in developing the evidence base for hydrogen.

We will continue to commit to an ambitious programme of research and development through our current and future business plans.

You were clear that we need to do more in terms of collaborating across the gas industry, particularly on hydrogen.

We commit to continuing to improve collaboration, including through active involvement in the recently formed cross sector Hydrogen Transformation Group as well as continuing partnership based research and trials, such as HyDeploy and H21.

You told us we have an essential role in actively participating in efforts to find low cost, low carbon heat source energy solutions for our customers.

Taking your views on board, we’ve now reviewed our approach to the future role of gas so that we can prepare for a hydrogen transition while also taking a managed risk approach to continuing investment in gas ahead of an industry policy decision.

You told us that local anchor institutions could be powerful actors to help catalyse a move to whole systems approaches.

We will develop a scenario-based roadmap for decarbonising the gas network, in the context of a whole systems approach, and actively engage local policy makers in the design and delivery of that roadmap.

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