7th February


Industry, Utilities, Sub Regional & Local Government, Supply Chain




To review our Environment Strategy and processes and ensure our environmental priorities reflect those of our customers and stakeholders, our targets to reduce our carbon footprint meet your needs and determine an approach for improving air quality in our local community.


8.8 / 10

Our stakeholders scored us 8.8 out of 10 for overall satisfaction when asked to rate the workshop.

You told us we should do more to help customers understand the environmental impact of works in their area.

When we’re working on site we’ll do more to communicate the environmental impact of the investments we’re making to a local area.

You told us that we should be focussing on improving connection times for green gas.

We will review and refresh our connections process for biomethane and deliver changes that make these connections easier, in consultation with our customers.

You want us to improve our approach to grey fleet, to deliver better outcomes in terms of air quality and carbon savings.

We will undertake a review of our grey fleet policy and engage further with our stakeholders on any changes.

You were clear that you felt we should be focussing both on carbon emissions from leakage and day to day operations.

We will include ambitious targets for both in our next business plan for 2021 – 2026.

You want us to power our offices, depots and work sites with green energy.

We will include proposals for installing renewable generation within our offices and operational gas sites, recognising that this is a key priority for you.

You told us clearly that you expect us to be more ambitious on our plans for improving air quality within our vehicle fleet.

We are reviewing our investment strategy for fleet and engaging broadly with our customers to understand the value they place on further investment in this area.

You told us you feel there is an opportunity for us to be using our sites to improve the environment.

We will commit to establishing habitats for local wildlife across our land portfolio.

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