18th October


Local Authorities, Higher Education, Research Institutions, Business Intermediaries, Environment Agencies




To gain feedback on our Environmental Action Plan and Whole Systems Strategy, to ensure that our future plans to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations meet or exceed what you expect of us.


You said that our targets for reaching net-zero by 2050 was not ambitious enough and did not reflect locally set targets.  

In response we are set to change our targets for total greenhouse gas direct business emissions to net zero by 2031 (from 2050). Because emissions from our network are not directly within our control (and require national policy changes) we are not able to commit to net zero for our total emissions (including gas leakage), but will continue to work with government and local policy makers to support the widescale adoption of green gas.

You said that we should consider staff behavioural change within our Environmental Action Plan.  

As part of our new business plan, we have included specific commitments for staff behavioural change, including a target to reduce business driving by 20%, for example via increased use of video conferencing.

You told us that it might be risky for us to focus so strongly on hydrogen futures whilst there is still policy uncertainty.  

Our overarching whole systems vision has been amended to deliver green gas solutions (as opposed to hydrogen), recognising our commitment to encouraging the take up of other green gases, such as biomethane.

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