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Domestic customers




To bring together a group of domestic customers who represent a demographic sample of our network to focus on the knotty question at the heart of our next business plan – “How do we find the right balance between price and service which is fair for everyone and which meets customers’ aspirations about the service they expect to receive from their gas distribution network?” The insights and learnings from this engagement mechanism have been valuable to us as we develop our plans for the future.



said they would like to participate in future engagement activities with NGN.  We’ll be using the momentum and knowledge the group has built to establish an enduring customer panel.

Safety, alongside reliability, is a top priority for customers, particularly in relation to unplanned interruptions to gas supply.

We will increase the length of ageing metal gas pipes we replace over and above our mandated requirements in order to deliver a continued safe and reliable supply of gas to customers, while minimising our environmental impact.

The group identified protecting the environment as a key interest area. This remained a consistent priority for customers throughout the engagement and something that they indicated they would be willing to pay more for.

We are continuing to refine and strengthen our environmental commitments in line with feedback received from customers who wanted to see us do more in this area.

While there was general agreement from the group that initiatives that support customers that need additonal help were important, particularly those that were perceived as strongly tied to our core business, such as free gas connections to off gas homes and raising carbon monoxide awareness, many customers were not entirely convinced that this was our role.

We will ensure we take a flexible and bespoke approach to providing support to customers that need additional help, so that we can focus our efforts on the areas that will make a real difference to their lives.

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