26 November 2018


CNG supply chain




To share our ambitions and aspirations for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with stakeholders, get feedback to help shape our strategy, educate about how to connect to our network and provide opportunity for supply chain to exchange ideas, share experience and network.

Your comments & our responses


said they found the event worthwhile and wanted to engage again.

We want NGN and the other GDNs to take a lead in lobbying government and making sure there is a joined-up approach across the industry.

We’ll work with you and the other GDNs to develop key lobbying messages and use our position on the Natural Gas Vehicle Network Group to make sure these views are heard.

We want a clear CNG connection process with proactive key account management and a clear escalation process – specifically having process transparency, with clear timescales and costs.

We will review our  connections process and work with you to consider changes that meet your needs.  Working with you, we will review the information we provide on our connections process to make sure that it is clear and transparent.

We want you to link CNG sites with existing and potential biomethane sites.

We will work with our stakeholders to better understand what good looks like.

Develop an ‘opportunity map’ for the network that shows where the best opportunities for CNG connections could be, that goes beyond simply where the pipes are.

We will develop an easy to use mapping system which we can link to our website to show details of our network and potential for where there might be particular opportunities for CNG.

We want you to commit to connecting at least one CNG site – make it a flagship site.

We will use this feedback to inform our next business plan (2021 – 2026) and determine the actions that we might take to ensure a more active role in development in the future.

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